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Could Breaking Ships become an Industry???Yes indeed

Posted by seshdotcom on December 26, 2008


The Hazardous but most effective and Profitable Industry

The Hazardous but most effective and Profitable Industry

                                                     Could Breaking Ships become an Industry???Yes Indeed,This new industry is all about recovering steel by dismantling it.It all started way back in 1979.As a result the Ship breaking Yards in Alang Mumbai developed.It is really surprising to believe that there were about 200-250 ship breaking Plots and it was also said that it is one of the largest of the Ship Breaking Industry and largest in world dismantling by breaking apart about 450-490 ships each year.It has a turnover about 7000-7500 Crores and has approximately 0.5 Lac Workers working on the Ship Breaking Tasks.


BlackPrints on Atmosphere:

                                     The ship building industry is a very good industry to have bu it has also some  disfavors it is a great Pollutant to the Atmosphere—-The disacharge and emissions of toxic materials to sea,sediments,Grounds and air cause acute and long-term pollution.The careless Discharge of the Oil into the sea has left many of the aquatic living Organisms in Lurches and it has not only made them change their Shelter but has also resulted in deaths of many marine Organisms.

The Environmental Committee and the “Go Green” Committee are figuring out measures to make this “Profitable” and Hazardous industry less Hazardous

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