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My God!!Father of Crypt Bletchley sans Maintenance

Posted by seshdotcom on July 24, 2008

The Father of Modern Computer and Security Systems

The Birth of Colossus->Father of Modern Computer and Security Systems

The Code Breaking and Hacking is not a Newfangled thing it has been there for decades even during World War II where the Intrusion and Usurpation of the Messages sent by the Enemies have been taking place and Bletchley is considered to be the Place where the codebreaking takes Place in a full-fledged manner(during the war times) but now the Pitiable state of the Bletchley is when a Person comes and looks at this place he may run away getting scared because this famous historical place now looks Haunted Street and Buildings with none other than Spiders Nest and some times it also serves as a shelter for animals.I also read one other stuff:To convert a Small word into Hashes a room full of computers and Digital systems with Wires are Used(See guys no Decryption Algorithm Software or any Simulators) during the early stage of development people used to work day and Night and do the encryption of the messages they have to send to their Army way back at home or in Warfare->And this stuff about Bletchley was published in the BBC TECHIE Journal and all these things came to limelight only when Dr Sue Black, head of the computer science department at the University of Westminster visited Bletchley Park “I went up there and felt quite upset by what I saw,” she said.So what I will do if I am a President of UK:I will do a revamp work on the place and the Buildings in it and then I will call the UNO to make it a Historical Place->may be a World Heritage Site->Why not man????(where great people like Alan Turing,Tommy Flowers worked as Code Breakers and System Designers).

People Working at Bletchely Code Breaking Center

People Working at Bletchely Code Breaking Center

There are also some other important things for which Bletchley is famous->It is the Birth Place of the Colossus computer the first PDC(Programmable Digital Computer) which was Used for Codebreaking which used only Vacuum Tubes(Nothing but a Valve shaped device to generate Electrical Signals) it has to perform hash Calculations and Assigning of Codes.Really people of U.K should take care and somehow approach people to take a initiative and make Bletchley a sort of Museum which will make the next Generation People Know what has happened in this world a century Back and what were people doing during that No E-Mail Nothing how did they Exhcnage Information->these sort of questions will arise in their Mind and they will try to find answers for this at that time you will realize the value of a Bletchley

Oh God!!Save Bletchley from destruction only way to do this is to get some funds from the U.K Government explaining¬† Bletchley’s state and what needs to be done Come On England’ers’ you should only do this

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