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It Might Sound Funny but its true–Singapore Men Put Love On Hold

Posted by seshdotcom on October 19, 2008

Empty Pockets force people to sacrifice many things in life!!!!

Empty Pockets force people to sacrifice many things in life!!!!

No Money No Darling this has now become the Caption of the Singapore Men may be I think there would be Hoardings displaying “SAY NO TO LOVE” the worst affected by this were the Singapore Match Making Agencies one of the Higher Official of the Agencies said we are seeing very Slow Progress in business as the financial crisis and the 9 letter nemesis Recession has taken a Gargantuan growth and this has in turn forced the Singapore men think N times before registering and spending some penny to the Match Making agencies to get a wife.I was able to capture the exact words said by one of the men in the Television “The economy is slowing down and I have no money so girls are of no importance for me now”.So I think this is not going to take much time to spread across the world there might be a situation where all the Bridal Agencies close and would be forced to go for some other business.

So see the impact that Inflation/recession has created around the Globe–This is a contagious disease which will Propagate across the world in a rapid fashion like forest fire(in fact it has already spread)A very rough epidemic disease

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