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The Champion takes the field for the last time

Posted by seshdotcom on November 9, 2008

The Spirit is still there

The Spirit is still there

This is my second post about this Great Player—>Sourav Chandidas Ganguly.One of the Greatest Cricketer who has his name in BOLD+ITALICS in the History Books of Cricket.But I am very sad that he didn’t score in his second innings but I am happy that he scored 85 in his first innings to rescue India from the Lurches.It would have been a great thing if he would have scored a century because he started his International Career with a Bang against the England with a Century(Rahul Dravid also made his boffo debut in that match).Today 9.11.08 will be a Memorable day for Sourav as he tied his Pads for the last time in International Cricket his Flesh/Mind would have told him fight fight!!!! but he wasn’t able to do that but it doesn’t matter he is one of the Class Act that Indian Cricket has ever seen.Who can forget his Timely Knocks against Australia in the Brisbane Test Match/Dhaka Finals against Pakis.Sourav as a Bowler has also done some remarkable damage to the Opposition he has a Nickname Man with the Golden Arm/Prince of Calcutta—>Boycott’s Pet.Tomorrow the only thing that will be running inside the Brain cells of Saurav is the Memorable Knocks he made against the Pakistanis @ Dhaka and the Times where was Proved to be a Prized Wicket for the Opposition and Last but not the Least the Series Win against Australia @ Home especially the Test Match that was won in the front of the Home Crowd and that too after following On.

His Strength:

He is one Batsman who hits the Ball very Long,I Can never forget the Match where he took Andy Whittal outside the Ground three or four times in an Over which made Umpires get a new Ball.He Posses that Silky touch which many of them don’t have he is a Sweet timer of the Quilt which takes it past the Boundary ropes in the first 15 overs.And one of the other Biggies he Produced was against the Bowling of Arshad Khan and Aaquib javed in one of the Matches in Dhaka.And do not forget this–He is one among the Most destructive Opening duo that the World has ever seen(Sachin/Saurav) Duo which once had the Highest Opening Partnership record.

Saurav we miss you—>You are one among the Players who have made the Game of Cricket feel Proud of having people like you— Having a Classic Player..Your good form will last forever in IPL


To watch his Innings of 144(which is one of the Favourite Innings for me) visit:

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