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Cow’s Urine is a Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on March 30, 2009


In Olden Days Cows Urine was considered to have both divine/medicinal value

In Olden Days Cows Urine was considered to have both divine/medicinal value

                        According to our ancestors Cow Urine is considered to be the most effective Medicine in the world which during their time was the elixir of many incurable diseases.This substance is said to cure all ills the body have.Out forefathers say that in cow blood there is pran shakti (Life Force). Cow urine is cow’s blood that is filtered by kidney.Kidneys filter blood. Whatever elements are present in blood are present in cow urine also.People in Olden days had a long standing practice of having cow’s urine early in the morning.Cow urine contains copper and gold salts, which are elixirs. Gold has capability to cure diseases. Gold can counter all kinds of poisons, that is why it is used in teeth, ears, nose and finger as ornaments. So that food, air, water enters the body through mouth, eyes and nose enter after touching gold. According to the Vedic Sayings the Cow’s Urine has the following Features:- 

                           Cow  urine destroys miseries and diseases. It purifies both body and mind. Thus mental disease does not persist. It is in the mode of goodness (Satvik). Cancer is due to virus in poison. These toxin generated viral diseases like cancer are destroyed by regular intake of cow urine. Cow urine is fully successful in destroying toxins. A lot of poisonous herbs mentioned in Ayurveda are purified from their poison by cow urine. Cow urine keeps mind happy & calm. So body remains healthy.

But while mentioning all these things they(Our Forefathers)have also mentioned some preconditions like from where you can take the cow Urine—–The cow which roams in a jungle or in a forest, excercises herself, fully grazes grass and medicinal herbs as she desires, drinks

I am not sure how many of them follow this now but I am sure that the old saying will not be a delusive stuff so I am also not sure how many of them in this Generation are following it ,but this certainly proves to be an Unique Method of curing diseases and One more thing is you cannot take the urine of the cow which are in this world now—–because I believe none of the cows are Grazing  Grasses they are only Grazing the Plastic sheets and newspapers 😛  nowadays


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