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The Greeks Euphony -Something about Greek Music

Posted by seshdotcom on September 6, 2008

Hey in this post you can find something about the Music of the Greeks,And many Instruments that they used have become very popular now and It was an Astounding fact for me that Achilles was equally Good in Music as he was with his Armory and Weapons.Two new word I came across was lyre-Which is a Stringed Musical Instrument which can aslo be said as the Ancestoral Instrument and a forerunner to Violin

Olden Aulos-An Effective Piped Instrument

Olden Aulos-An Effective Pipe Instrument-A small Nadaswaram:)

Music was indispensable to the Helene’s and they never gave up their Love for Music.And the Credit goes to God Hermes( god of commerce/cunning/invention/theft)he was the one who made the first lyres when he was Playing with a Tortoise shell when he was a Small Child.Music was recommended by Plato as a standard part of a child’s education, and one of the famous Book in Greek Mythology called-The Iliad also has got some information which reveals the fact that-The Greek Hero Achilles was as skilled with his lyre as he was with his weapons. The old myths were sung as well as told, long before they were written down. The children’s of the Ancient Greek City called the Spartan had their first lessons in their culture as songs.The works of poets were often regarded as songs, and by the year of some 500 to 600 B.C., the Carrying out or say recitation of poetry was generally accompanied by a lyre. The simpler form of the lyre could be found in all Greek homes.And I read that cithara which the Musicians Play in the Festival is one type of a lyre but it is very Complex.And among the Greek Community there was another type of festival performance called the Dithyramb(This is played usually in honor of Dionysus-The God of Fertility and Wine), a dancing chorus that evolved into drama.The word orchestra comes from the Greek word for “dance” (orcheisthai),And it is referred to as a Big Stage where the Musicians perform their Skills The aulos, a flute-like instrument that often had two pipes, was also popular and was often used to play dancing music,One Particular advantage in playing lyre is people can sing at the same time when they play the Instrument.

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