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‘Osiris’ the father of Civilization in Egypt

Posted by seshdotcom on January 1, 2009

This Post is an different one compared to my other Posts on Egyptian Mythology.It mainly concentrates on Osiris and what happened to him because of seth who flim-flammed him.

Judge of dead

Judge of death

Osiris was the ancient king who brought civilization to Egypt. He married his sister, Isis. But his brother, Seth-(God of Deserts,Storms and chaos.), also fell in love with Isis, and wanted to be king himself.Seth tricked Osiris, then locked him in a casket and threw it into the river. Isis, bereft, searched everywhere for Osiris’s body. She finally found it at Byblos—Which was once a chief Port for export of Papyrus and it is located on the Mediterranean Coast and today this Byblos is called as Lebanon. Osiris was mummifed, and I was actually surprised when I read this–>The Mummy impregnated Isis and She gave birth to their son and his name is called Horus 

But it was a danger again for Isis that Seth finally found the Osiris’ mummy and he made it into Bits and Pieces and threw all those pieces into the Nile Valley but somehow Isis again managed to bring all the Pieces together it took some years for Horus to be Groomed into a Good warrior as soon as he grew up he was ready make Seth Pay for his acts, he indulged in a fierce Battle with Seth and the result was Horus made Seth Impotent(Unable to copulate) and Horus lost on eye to Seth.The eye of Horus that Seth tore out became the sacred wedjat—>A very Strong Magical Symbol

The Resurrection day of Osiris:

In Olden days the Coronation and other Great announcements,Annual Prizes distributed by the Kings to the People who excelled in ministry will take place in a day called Khoiakh–It is a day of Observance of the detah and resurrection of Osiris.And even the modern Egyptians celebrate this by sharing Gifts in an occasion called Sham el-Nessim—>This is an Annual festival taking place in Egypt to Thank the mother earth for giving Copious Vegetation.

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