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Dustbins should be kept for every 1 K.M

Posted by seshdotcom on September 6, 2008

People as you know that the Number of shops are increasing day by day I think this will have a Great Impact on environs cleanness and Pureness,because of this Dustbin and Trash bin or some other Bins where rubbish would be collected should be made Mandatory.And It is not that a Minister or a Socially Graded Person should come and Place it in the corner of the street,Anybody can Just like that Go and Keep a Dustbin- which saves the Environment.I would like to tell you an Incident that Happened in a country some 2 weeks back-A Minister coming and Opening a Dust Bin in a Cricket Stadium to trash the Pepsi Bottles-What do you think about this Incident????I think this is totally staged it is not by his true disposition.And I want to confess to my friends that I am not a staunch environmentalist but I have decided to follow certain Basic things that I think will save the Environment.

The saviour of Environment-Dustbin

The saviour of Environment-Dustbin

What happens when you go to stores:

This one I have been following for the past 2 weeks-Do carry a Bag with you when you go to Store and don’t ask for a Plastic Bag(When you read this you might think who is this fella to tell us-Because Even I was thinking the same when people said me)-These Plastic bags are detrimental to the nature guys so be careful.And one of the common thing I have noted among people is what they will do is they will buy a banana and they will throw away the sheath into the roads or what they will do is they will go and put it in a corner-I think atleast for people of this category Dustbin should be kept after every 1 K.M and people should Use that(thats more important guys).And a periodical cleaning should happen there.I think in our country this will not happen as Setting up of Dustbins will not give that much money(Like putting roads).So I request all the people of our country to somehow take initiative and Save Environment-(Even I was thinking this as minor issue when People come and talk in Schools and Colleges but I don’t know something happened when I read about this guy Bjørn Lomborg.)So saving our Environment is not restricted or bounded within countries it is applicable to the entire Humanity and the Globe.

So while reading through this you might surely think-What man what this guy is writing in a way How Politician Speaks-I thought of writing something more Important and Useful which throws a beacon light on some of the simple things we can do to save our Environment

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