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The Norse God of Mischief,Conflict and Fire

Posted by seshdotcom on June 3, 2008

Hello guys i am back to this teutonic section in the previous posts we saw many of the teutonic Gods now i would like to present you some of them who were not known to  most of the people around the world->LOKI he is the Giant god of the Norse Mythology..

Birth and Relationship with other Gods:

God Loki is said to be the son of Fárbauti and in some of the other works in the Norse campaign he was described as son of Laufey..Actually in Prose edda where amny information about the Norse campaign is given describes LOKI as the Person who makes Plans for all Fraudulent things..Loki is sadi to live in Jötunheimr..Loki is also the Blood Broither of the Great ODIN.

The Power of LOKI-transmogrification:

Of all the Norse Gods LOKI has the extreme power and core Power of changing into different form or appearance and the only condition with that is he has to get the cloak of Freyja‘s whenever he has to change into a Bird Form he has also take any form like Dog,Cat,Horse,Cow without the help of others..He is also said to be a cheater in the Norse Mythology,He makes fake Promises whenever he gets into some sort of trouble.It is said that Loki has killed many of the Gods by TREACHERY.

Spousal Life:

He lived with Angrboda for a short span during that time he had three Children with her namely fenrir,Jormungandr and Hel..And after leaving Angrboda he married Sigyn and he had two  sons Narfi and Vali.Once he turned into a Mare(A female Horse) and during that time he had affair with Svadilfari and he gave birth to Sleipnir->A Eight legged Horse of ODIN.


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