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Fushi – 伏羲 the first King of Magical period teaches People

Posted by seshdotcom on January 30, 2009

The Tutor to chinese

The earliest myths involve the Ten Legendary Kings out of them Fushi is one of the most famous and Popular King who is well known for the magical tricks he did.

             After Nuwa created people it was Fushi who educated them certain things that made them effective against the Hazards in the world.Fushi 伏羲 was the first ruler of this magical period. Many scholars believe that his story is based on an actual monarch(Monarch:Nations Ruler or say an head of an State) who lived sometime between 2953–2736 B.C.His notable contribution to the chinese were he taught people the survival skills these include These include using fire, fishing,hunting, writing, and fortune-telling.In some of the articles I read Fushi was described as the one having a human body in some of the other articles and myths about chinese mythology he was described similar to Nuwa having a Human Head and a Body of a snake.

 He is famous for the invention of Trigrams:

                       Fushi is credited with  introducing the trigrams, which are patterns made with short and long sticks. People threw down six sticks and then interpreted the patterns they formed. In the beginning, the interpretations of the trigrams were passed down orally and after that ir was writen down after many many years.Fushi is credited with introducing writing,which was was invented to improve upon the ancient tally system of tying knots. However, its creation has also been attributed to T’sang Chieh, a palace record keeper who lived around 2 and a thousand years Before Christ.

Fushi also taught many other things to people I will Update further things about Fushi once I am done with amassing information.


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