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All about Garlic-> The Universal Medicine

Posted by seshdotcom on January 4, 2009


The Universal Medicine

The Universal Medicine

GARLIC—>is an ancient crop in India and China. Spanish, Portuguese, and French settlers introduced the plant to the New World and it grows very fast Cold and Warmer Places.It is Generally an Aromatic Bulb which is used for  seasoning,The bulb consists of a number of segments, called ‘cloves’, enclosed in white or pinkish colour


Places where Garlic is used:

             Garlic is one of the  best known flavouring agents. It is rarely used as a vegetable but is included in some dishes,Garlic is udes as a flavouring agent in many dishes and products like Pastas,Soups,Curries,Garlic Bread etc.It has a very small amount of fat and Sugar.Study says that it has 8% protein, 15% starch and large amounts of potassium and phosphorus

Medicinal Value:

             From very Old ages, various cures have been attributed to garlic. It has been used as an antidote to snake and  scorpion bites,It is also a very good medicine for running cold and Saliva Formation,It was said that it was used to cure athlete’s foot, by placing Bulb between the toes.As a herbal medicine, garlic has been and is used to treat chronic bronchitis, respiratory catarrh(Which is an Inflammation of nose and throat),whooping cough, bronchitic asthma, influenza, and other health problems

What do Doctors Say???:

                 A very Good Number of scientific investigations, together with epidemiological(A Branch os science dealing with the transmission and control of disease)evidence which says that garlic has many Good Attributes like it is the most effective Medicine against some bacteria.There was also a research which concluded that there is an 80% chance that Garlic can curb cancer initiation and development.It has an very important feature which makes the Blood Cholestral to come down.Doctors say that they sometime use garlic to evacuvate small parasitic intestinal worms.But the main disadvantage is many people  doesn’t love the Odour of Garlic 🙂  and so because of this it is marketed in the form of capsules and tablets

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Ha Ha A Funny Thing in Thailand

Posted by seshdotcom on June 16, 2008

The Thailand Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej used his weekly television address to give tips on cooking with Garlic,hoping to Prevent the occurrence of protests by Farmers of the Pungent Bulb..The colorful and Controversial Premier,Using Ingridients Such as Shrimp paste,Chillies,and the Mackerel(A Particular  Family of fishes),Urged People to buy local rather than imported Garlic,and rattled off his Favorite Garlic-Infused dishes…The final word By Sundaravej was “I Did not come here today for a

cooking demonstration but I came here to show these Ingridients”

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