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The Origin and Goodness of Guarana

Posted by seshdotcom on December 20, 2008


Gaurana:A preparation from the seeds of a woody climber of Brazil, used in making an astringent drink–This is the definition in one of the internet Lexicons

The Guarana Powder in aTeaspoon

Now lets see some more things about this–

The Origin and the Nutritional value is much higher than we know about this one or may be we don’t know about Gaurana

                     Guarana is a climbing evergreen plant native to the Amazon region of South America (e.g. Brazil, Venezuela). It is said that it is commercially produced in the middle Amazon area of northern Brazil


The Woody Climber

The Woody Climber

Cooking and Nutritional Value:

                          The seeds which are prepared from the woody climber are pulverized, roasted, and then mixed withwater to form a paste and then it is put into cylinders and then finally it is dried up.The active constituent is the alkaloid caffeine  together with some related alkaloids (Alkaloids means–The Natural things which has some presence of nitrogen in it which are in Plants).

                                 It is  used to flavour carbonated drinks like Cola,cordials(liquers) and confectionery.Because of its caffeine content, guarana acts as a stimulant, relieving physical and mental fatigue.

Warning to people from Medical World:There was also a Warning by the medical experts that Overdose of guarana may lead to many complication in the Body health

The proof from medical experts:

                                 Guarana, because of its caffeine content, clearly acts as a stimulant. It has been claimed that it has a more sustained effect than tea or coffee, which may be related to the interaction of its caffeine with other substances present.Excessive intake of guarana leads to symptoms such as excitability, restlessness, increased diuresis, headache, and possibly tremor or palpitations(palpitations-A irregular heart beat)



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