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The Religion the Inca People Followed

Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2009

                    People who do not know who Incas are(Because the last post about Incas was way back some 2 months ag0 I reckon so this is just a reminder—–> The small group of Quechua living in the Cuzco Valley in Peru(Western South America) which was previously held by the spanish ok now lets see the religion and the gods they follow

                   In the Diurnal months in the calendar the Inca people concentrated more on their work and during the nocturnal months the religion of the Incas played a major role-Every month in the nocturnal calendar had atleast one religious celebration and it was believed that the Incas had more than 120 religious rituals(Religious Practice)throughout the year which is an Gargantuan Number considering their Short term mythology and Popularity they had now coming to their Belief –their God is Viracocha–is neither male nor female created the earth, sky, stars, and all living things and their Main diety was Viracocha.They had a very Interesting Belief of how sun came and how the Living things came into existence read the following I enjoyed this while writing They believed Viracocha made the sun and moon by plucking them from an island in Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes.while people and animals were formed from clay in Tiahuanaco on the lakeshore.Tiahuanaco is an important Pre-Columbian Archaelogical site.

They had 100% of their Belief in Sun God:

                                  The Incas honored the sun, Inti, as an important god, portraying Inti as a face within a golden disk and surrounded by rays. Officially, the sapa inca(sapa in Quechuan language means Unique Leader) was the “son of the sun,” a divine being that directly descended from the sun god. Upon death, the people believed the sapa inca had returned to the sun. The major religious event of the year was the Inti Raymi, a multi-day festival honoring Inti, complete with food supplied by the sapa inca and local priests


Courtesy Wiki

They believed
Viracocha made the sun and moon by plucking them from an island in
Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes, while people and animals were formed
from clay in Tiahuanaco on the lakeshore

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