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The Copperheads-Venomous Pit Vipers

Posted by seshdotcom on May 26, 2008

The Copperheads(AKA:Death Adder)are one of the venomous pit vipers Snakes found generally in the coniferous forests of the North America.They are generally found in water or very rarely in arroyos(Deep ditch cut by running water).They Generally feed on Rats,Rabbits,and Rodents.These snakes are less Aggressive and they generally do not attack Humans they only attack when a Physical Contact is made.They prefer to more on Hard surfaces they avoid moving in slippery surfaces.They are one the most attractive snake in the Snakes Archive.The death adder is a Cannibalistic Snake which dare to eat another death Adder this was experimentally proved by Herpetologists by having a dead snake and a live one.

Although they are venomous their bite are almost never fatal.The symptoms include swelling,pain,vomiting etc.,They Generally attack the Bone and Muscle section.Like all the other snakes the Copperhead is an Ambush Predator it takes a Position and waits for the Prey to come and then strikes it violently.They are nocturnal during the Hot Summer Months and Diurnal during the Spring season SOURCE:WIKIThe Death Adder

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