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Shen Nung( 神农) the second king of Magical Period

Posted by seshdotcom on May 9, 2009

Back again with a small finding!!!

              This is  a very short post you would see  when compared to others in sesha Utters but only this much I could gather about the Magical kings so may be I may edit this entry if I get to know more.                   

               Like Fushi even Shen Nung is Half-human and Half-animal and they had many things similar.Shen Nung 神农 had Great Magical Powers to make sure the Agriculture and the rain which Guarantees that copious vegetation always existed in the world.Shen Nung was told to have lived from 2737 BC-2598 BC and he brought many reformation to the Agriculture world.During his era the Village and the towns had a Great improvement in the Agriculture sector–The chinese started to plant rice crops only during shen fung’s reign–This is the notable achievement of Shen Fung even other crops like wheat Maize etc were Grown.He has also given many tips to the chinese farmers to how to prevent locusts entring the fields and other preventive measures.

In Short He is the Person who gave life for plants/crops in China

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