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US Economic Woes continue

Posted by seshdotcom on October 12, 2008

Don't know when it will Burst

This is the Situation in each and every company

You can never sleep peacefully

You can never sleep peacefully

Payrolls in US probably fell in August for an eighth Month and Manufacturing stalled and till now there has been no improvement in the world economy ,Employers are said to probably cut 75,000 Jobs what will the people of US and other country do if this is going to happen on a Regular basis??????..Mounting Job losses,sliding home values,reduced access to credit and rising prices are the reasons for the people around the world to sit dunned.One of the famous economist in US told that “We’ll see job cuts continuing as businesses are under lot of Pressure”.I read that General Motors(one of the largest US automaker )is offering early-retirement incentives to about 9000 salaried workers,and workers of Renault one of the other major Automobile company came to know about the Plot well before and they indulged in strike but General Motors workers I think hasn’t realized the future and probably that would be the worst Job filtration in the History of US Automobile Industry.And the manufacturing sector was seen from the Outside world as the most Unaffected/Most untouched by this Sudden Econemesis-(The Misery Caused by economy) because it is getting support from exports but this is also held back because of poor and weak domestic Activity.And many Job cuts are expected to happen United Airlines has also announced that there would be a liquidation of 1,550 flight-attendant jobs to help themselves recover from early loss

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