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The Kickoffs of Classical Greece

Posted by seshdotcom on September 1, 2008

KEYS:People who come across the word Spartans for the first time look here-Spartans is an ancient Greek city famous for military prowess; the dominant city of the Peloponnesus prior to the 4th century BC )

I know that many people are Greek Mythology freaks-where People like Achilles,Zeus,Poseidon,Hades would have filled up your thoughts now guys this is no more a Decription on Ancient age I thought of giving you something more Interesting of how people of this country started developing.I have made a writeup on this so have a coup d’oeil(A Quick look)through this.As there were no exact sources some places would contradict with the Original Greek History so Just go in a Casual Manner

This is where people started to improve their standard of living:Mycenae

The Archaeologists and the Historians consider that the Earliest evidence of the Greek culture to be a Group called Mycenaean”s”-As far as I Know these people had Separate Kingdoms but they shared a Common Language and Culture and this Mycenaean Civilization is said to have begun about some 1.5K Years Before Christ(B.C).The Mycenaeans were influenced by their neighbors, the Minoans,who lived on the large island of Crete(South of Greece). There is no one to beat these Minoans when it comes to Planting Crops and Agriculture Section-They Became highly popular because of this Agriculture and I still remember a Clan of people in Meghalaya offering some prayers which thanks the Minoans-for their Contributions to the field of Agriculture.And one more Interesting thing I would like to expose you is the thing I read about this Mycenaeans is-An array of bronze weapons and armor has been found at Mycenaean entombment-this is to indicate the wealth of these warriors.

Their Stronghold:Aegean Sea-

The Evergreen Hoplites

The Evergreen Hoplites

Look at the stuff rounded by red this was their stronghold for years

Look at the stuff rounded by red this was their stronghold for years

As somedays passed the Mycenaeans took the entire control of the Place called Aegean Sea and their Aggressive approach made them capture more and more Kingdoms towards the North and South side of Aegean Sea.The Mycenaean towns were much more centralized than the Greek city-states that would arise in a few centuries. Everything the society produced theoretically belonged to the king, and then local rulers distribute the wealth. Large palaces were built for the Mycenaean kings, and the one at Mycenae may have been that of the overall king.The Warriors were called Hoplites and these people are very effective in Battles that takes place in Land(Think of Age of Mythology-A Strategy game in which you will create a Warrior called Hoplites he takes 50 Gold:)).And during this period say around 1.4K-1.35K B.C there was a large migration into the Peloponnese Peninsula of the Dorian(One of the Linguistic divisions of Greece)people from the north and the Mycenaeans Ran away Quickly across the Aegean to Ionia, or Asia Minor, to safeguard their life.And after this particular Incident they lost all their palaces and Wealth to the Dorians

This was the Beginning of the Classical Age for the Greeks-And this is the first time I have made an attempt to write something about these Hellene Guys-ha ha Finally I have made it-I don’t know whether it would look Interesting for you???-But I certainly enjoyed while Putting altogether in a Sentence and Presenting it to you

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