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Pista House Rocks!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 22, 2008

Hello i would like to tell you about a favourite dish called “HALEEM” and it is manufactured by the Pista House group in Hyderabad..The city of Hyderabad has got many Striking features but when it comes to Food and Snacks nothing can lay over Hyderabadi Haleem..The Hyderabadi haleem has made a Exhorbitant sales in the Last few Years in Hyderabad Once can also say the thing which made Hyderabad Special is the Tasty Haleem which are Ordered and consumed by the foreign palates..The High Calorie dish is Huge draw among among NRI’s in the Middle East and Several other countries with a Huge Muslim Population…Haleem is a Semi-Hot Liquid made up of Wheat,Meat,Lentils and Spices and sources say that it can be also done without meat->Called as Veg Haleem and it costs 320 INR…The Hyderabadi Haleem is well known for its rich presence of Nuts like Hazels and Badam and other Nuts which are like ambrosia to have->You will only realize having Spoon in your Mouth filled with haleem after that you won’t even recognize that you are in this Earth it will take you to heaven…One more point to be Noted is it is available only during the Holy Month and it is generally served to end the Fasting ..Haleem is also served as a Starter in the Weddings like soup to get Started Off…For more details visit

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