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Obesity is in the genes

Posted by seshdotcom on December 31, 2008

The Genes may be the reason for this Guy!!

The Genes may be the reason for this Guy!!

               Hey People are you putting on weight.Reason is not just the Junk foods you eat you can now put blame on your genes.Researches say that Obesity is Pre-Programmed in your Body this was said after the Scientists took samples and tested–>They Identified Six new genes which Predispose their carriers to becoming heavily fleshy.The Genes actually cause carriers to eat more rather than affect body’d ability to process fat.This research was carried out by taking the Genes of more than 90,000 people.And finally they Zeroed out on some 6 Genes.

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Ban the advertizings for FAST Food to overthrow Obesity

Posted by seshdotcom on November 23, 2008

The Attractive Tasty/Vicious Stuffs (The excess body fat )Obesity the Seven Letter word is becoming a horror to the World(especially for the Young Guns who have just started to realize what life is).A survey conducted in one of the most crowded states of U.S reveals the fact that—THE BAN OF FAST FOOD ADVERTISEMENTS AND HOARDINGS PLAY A VERY MAJOR ROLE IN CUTTING SHORT OBESITY.One of the senior member of the team said “We have Known for sometime that childhood obesity has gripped our culture,but a small research-A experiment sort of research has been done that advertises television advertising as a possible cause”.The team is also appointed by the Government to create awareness about Obesity—Like Promoting/explaining the people to have Green Vegetables like(Why they should have it????/The Good things which the Vegetables do to your Body)as their morning Breakfast instead of Cheese Bread/Burgers.They are trying to come up with new policies to try and curb America’s Obesity outbreak.

The Percentage is said to steadily rise.Television watching itself is said to rise Obesity rates..(Why don’t we Stand and Watch TV at home 🙂 dudes follow this for next one month 🙂 lets see whether there is any improvement 🙂

So try to avoid things that mainly cause Obesity like Sedentary lifestyle,having excess Burgers and items which increase fat in your body….Youngsters this will Help/play a Huge Part in your Future when you go in search for 🙂

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Wellness of your Heart depends on how you brush your teeth

Posted by seshdotcom on September 14, 2008

Little things that can make a Hiroshima/Nagasaki-A Heart Attack

Little things that can make a Hiroshima/Nagasaki-A Heart Attack

This might look as if a Matter of no importance but this is the fact Guys-An research done by a senior research group has confirmed that Poor Dental Hygiene stimulates Heart Attack and it increases the risk of Heart Attack and Strokes–You can think how a silly little plastic with a Cleaning device connected it can have huge impact in our heart—But it is true as we all know that Heart Disease is the #1 Killer around the Globe where it is responsible for some 35-40 % of the deaths which takes place every year.Altho some of the other well known factors like Smoking, obesity,High cholesterol play a major role for Heart complications I am shocked and also found it interesting when I read this–It is good that atleast now we realized the value of-Brushing our Teeth :)-

Why is proper Brushing Mandatory|||||

Because the bacterial infection that is caused when your teeth is not brushed properly Punctures your Heart– the research concludes that even neglected gums which gets deteriorate because of Bacterial Infection can also be a reason for Heart Attack.And only now I realize the value of Brushing teeth with neem sticks-The Universal Alkahest-This shows that our ancestors are wiser than us because we know that neem sticks has got Medicinal Property and probably I think to Kill these Bacteria’s Only in Olden days people used to use neem Sticks to Brush their teeth-And Poeple to be Frank I have never tried that :).

So only now we realize some of the little things that should be done properly in an routine manner


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