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Gong was arrogant

Posted by seshdotcom on May 31, 2009

After the people were Created by Nuwa the Peace didn’t exist in the Earth it was a Heated Encounter between Gong(The Water God) and Zurong(The Fire God)

Gong the water god pummeled the world with incessant
bouts of rain and floods. The deluges battered homes into
piles of rubbish, and they toppled ancient trees. Great
mountains crumbled and crashed into the swelling muddy
rivers. Gong showed no mercy as thousands of people and
animals perished on the soggy, bloated earth.
The other gods avoided Gong because his fury was so
intense. They watched silently as their moats, villages, and
temples were destroyed, one by one. Finally, Zurong, the
fire god, decided that Gong had gone too far. Zurong was
irritated by the other gods’ cowardice, and he did not
approve of his successor’s plans to reshape the earth into
water-heavy proportions.
So Zurong challenged Gong to regain control of the
earth. Gong gladly met his rival in combat. As the two
powerful forces wrestled each other across the firmament,
the sky shook with thunder, and lightning flashed across
the sky. For days, they grappled, wrestled, and pinned each
other higher and higher in the skies until they finally
cracked the dome of heaven.
When neither god could gain control, Gong challenged
Zurong to restage their battle on earth. Zurong gladly

Der Wasserkrieg Beginnt:

                             Gong the water god started to give trouble to the people with Uninterrupted  Rain and floods. The deluges Buffeted the  homes into piles of rubbish, and they Tumbled ancient trees which stood as a Symbol of Beauty and was a Habitat for many animals. Great mountains crumbled and crashed into the swelling muddy rivers. Gong showed no mercy as thousands of people and animals perished on the soggy, bloated earth. The other gods avoided Gong because his fury was so intense. They watched silently as their moats, villages, and temples were destroyed, one by one . Finally all of them were deceived expect—> Zurong, the fire god, decided that Gong had gone too far. Zurong was irritated by the other gods’ cowardice and was Unhappy with them since they weren’t even taking a step forward to stop Gong and save the people. So Zurong challenged Gong to regain control of the earth. Gong gladly met his rival in combat. As the two powerful forces met and  wrestled each other across the firmament,the sky shook with thunder, and lightning flashed across the sky. For days, they grappled and pushed each other higher and higher in the skies until they finally cracked the dome of heaven. 


Gong According to Famous painting from a chinese Website

Depiction of Gong --Taken from a chinese Website


The Gods Decided to have it on Earth

                             When neither god could gain control and since it was a No Result , Gong challenged Zurong to restage their battle on earth. Zurong accepted the challenge Gong swept down to earth,placing a Large Military Unit of his strongest soldiers on a Long and Broad Wooden Plank made of bamboo reeds. It was ablaze and total chaos with flags, drums,and the cries of a thousand battle-thirsty men.And after a Long battle Gong the enemy of free people of Middle Earth was Defeated and all the other Gods Rejoiced this Moment


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Fushi – 伏羲 the first King of Magical period teaches People

Posted by seshdotcom on January 30, 2009

The Tutor to chinese

The earliest myths involve the Ten Legendary Kings out of them Fushi is one of the most famous and Popular King who is well known for the magical tricks he did.

             After Nuwa created people it was Fushi who educated them certain things that made them effective against the Hazards in the world.Fushi 伏羲 was the first ruler of this magical period. Many scholars believe that his story is based on an actual monarch(Monarch:Nations Ruler or say an head of an State) who lived sometime between 2953–2736 B.C.His notable contribution to the chinese were he taught people the survival skills these include These include using fire, fishing,hunting, writing, and fortune-telling.In some of the articles I read Fushi was described as the one having a human body in some of the other articles and myths about chinese mythology he was described similar to Nuwa having a Human Head and a Body of a snake.

 He is famous for the invention of Trigrams:

                       Fushi is credited with  introducing the trigrams, which are patterns made with short and long sticks. People threw down six sticks and then interpreted the patterns they formed. In the beginning, the interpretations of the trigrams were passed down orally and after that ir was writen down after many many years.Fushi is credited with introducing writing,which was was invented to improve upon the ancient tally system of tying knots. However, its creation has also been attributed to T’sang Chieh, a palace record keeper who lived around 2 and a thousand years Before Christ.

Fushi also taught many other things to people I will Update further things about Fushi once I am done with amassing information.


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Nuwa Created the People

Posted by seshdotcom on January 26, 2009


Powerful Godess of CHinese

Powerful Godess of CHinese

We all know Panku Created the people according to Chinese Mythology and then what happened  how did the people came into existence????it was because of Nuwa- – ->The Creator of People(Human Beings)was a female goddess named Nuwa.It was also said the the Nuwa was Mentioned in some of the early works in chinese like- – ->”A Classic of History” and “A Classic of Mountain and Seas”.


                                  Many images of Nuwa have been uncovered on ancient Chinese bronze sculptures and paintings by the Archeology Crew. Like many of the early Chinese gods(Nuwa did not have a full human form), Nuwa was half animal, half divine. Most often, Nuwa had the face and arms of a human but the body of a snake or dragon. She could change her shape at will to a shape of a tree or like a small ant or like a Bird. But many of the Chinese Mythical works have Nuwa as a Beautiful woman.In the chinese mythology you cannot find more female Godess- – – ->But eventhough there were less female Godess when compared to male Gods Yuma was an Outmatch(She was one of the Powerful God taken on the whole—–>More Powerful than many of the Male Gods)According to the chinese Belief She creates mankind and is responsible for repairing the earth.

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Chinese Mythology—->How was the new World Created

Posted by seshdotcom on January 25, 2009

                           Hey to People who have been visiting my weblog for the past 5 months I am going to start write about a Completely new topic or say a new section to me but I have collecting matters and writing things in a small paper thinking of how I should write.For the past 2 months I had a Great interest on writing this one so lets see what I have for you

Panku the Creator of the World

 We  know that each Mythology has something called an Creator and in chinese mythology the Creator of world is called PANKU盘古-Once, the world was a mass of swirling(Twisting or say Spinning )with darkness. There was no heaven. There was no earth. All the forces of the universe were trapped inside a small egg, tumbling and spinning in utter chaos.And inside that egg there was a there was a tiny creature called Panku.And it was said that for 18000 years Panku Slept inside the egg and as days passed Panku and Egg grew and Panku became a Muscular Giant whose body length was about ninety thousand li(Li- The Chinese measure of Half a Kilometre).One day when the universe was especially unstable, Panku woke up. All around, he saw nothing but darkness and confusion. At first, he became curious by the irregular rhythms of the world and at one point he became tired of all the confusion and Whirling of particles  that happened and he decided that he has to do something.–>He picked it up like an ax and swung it down with every ounce of his strength. It crashed upon the exact center of the egg with a huge sonic boom. The sound reverberated throughout the world and split all the particles and gases of the universe in two and he was very happy since a very new world and environment was created but the sad part of Panku’s Story is as days passed he became Older and weaker and each and every Part of his body became one of the Parts in the Universe his teeth and bone Parts became as Solid and Precious Metals(It was said that Panku’s teeth became as a Gold,Silver etc.,)and his Hair became a the roots and Branches of the trees,his blood trickled over the land to create large pools and swift rivers.

And with that Panku was believed to have been died.

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