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The Goodness of Pineapple—The Tropical American Plant with a terminal tuft

Posted by seshdotcom on February 8, 2009



The Edible Friut will take some time to tear Open the sheath and eat :P--That is a Kinda tough Job really ūüôā

¬†¬†Hey viewers this Post is about the Pineapple–the edible fruit.¬†‘Pineapple’ has various lineaments to make it famous and proud.It is not very commonly available in all places when it first came into existence but it gradually took branches and nowadays it is even grown in Tropical and Subtropical countries.But it is not very commonly grown in India like some of the oter countries(U.S.A,Formosa,Thailand and Philipines)

                                             Pineapples are a common fruit, and one of its Unique characteristics is being available fresh, canned, and you can also get it in the form of a Juice (you can have any form of Pineapple product you wish to have). Both the  fruit and the stem contain the protein-digesting enzyme bromelain.This used to prevent a proteinaceous haze(Moisture) in chill-proof beer when refrigerated,and to tenderize meat and modify dough.

Medicinal Values:

                         And Pineapple also has got a very Long history and good stories and claims and folklore in the tropical Medicine used to improve digestion.It is also a diuretic fruit(Used to improve the flow of Urine)Bromelain has been included in preparations that are claimed to be therapeutic as regards inflammation, wounds, and infections, and in some diets that are alleged to enhance fat excretion.There were also some side effects Side-effects that the doctors say harmful if an Pineapple Indigestion happens and they were uterine contractions, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and skin rash.

I feel that Pineapple has many Good Qualities I have heard the Old People talking about this fruit—They say that it is a Good cure to running nose and Cold.

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