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Plants can now beat the heat

Posted by seshdotcom on December 30, 2008


A new research says plants can beat the heat---

A new research says plants can beat the heat---

                                     SCIENTISTS have now discovered the genetic puzzle that helps plants beat the heat it is really a  great development that could allow plant breeders to create new varieties of crops that flourish in warmer,drier climates—this was not there for the mankind previously lets see whether we use this technology to full effect.It  was told by one of the spokesman of the Scientist crew and was published in the ‘Proceedings of National Academy of sciences’,and the Main Line was —discovered the genetic puzzle that controls plant response to high temperature.American scientists at the michigan state university found that the gene bZIP28 helps regulate heat stress response in Arabidopsis thaliana—-it is a member of the mustard family used as a model plant for genetic studies.

                        The Scientists also unveiled a rare phenomenon exhibited by bZIP28 —>Robert Larkin lead author of the paper said that bZIP28 is also responding to the signals from the Endoplasmic Reticulum–(a eukaryote whose cell assembly is complex,the feature of ER is it forms a interconnected network of tubules  within the cells).So finally the reserach has come to a phase where people could create new varities of plants that can grow in particular seasons.I am sure that if some more work is put into thought we could save the universe and people of the universe in many ways.Like creating a hybrid variety that would give you food for 5 days in a month or say it doesn’t dried up quickly.This will help the mankind for sure as they can rely can rely on these for the rest of their life if something like creating a hybrid variety results in a success

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