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People cut eating out and Online Pizza Bookings

Posted by seshdotcom on July 14, 2008

The Haunted Restaurants

The Haunted Restaurants

Reports say that the people in the Metros(Chennai,Delhi,Kolkatta,Mumbai) have restricted themselves from eating outside because of the Inflation->See how a silly nine letter word has become a nemesis for the People all round the world.The Dining and Hotels section is not a Exception to this Inflation which has a Played a Huge role in the Past 6-8 Months wherever you go there is Hike in Price of the Goods and the Most affected are the Staples where the demand is constant but high cost has made people step Backward because of Affordability.And the survey and the results done by a Private firm has revealed that over 70% of the consumers across Mumbai,Delhi and other Major cities say they have cut down having their food outside and Home deliveries of the Rich foods like Pizza.The city Bangalore where many Youths and Professional stay and work are one of the Worst Affected with all of the consumers in this city has cut down eating outside and Ahas Avoided Home deliveries..And if this is going to continue for next 6-8 months or so on then i am sure that All the Pizza Huts will be having TOLET Boards and Restaurants will become Tea Shops..This Inflation has not only taken a Brobdingnagian Growth in India it has also made its mark in U.S.A,U.K->where one Kilogram of rice has increased by 100%..

So I think this has exceeded the limits and Bringing down is not Possible and will not be a challenge now but keeping it at the same state will certainly be a Challenging Task to the Govt.

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