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Everyday life in antiquated Greece

Posted by seshdotcom on September 27, 2008

The day to day life of the Ancient Greeks had a huge variation depending on which economic group one was born into or whether one lived in the city or the country. Within an Athenian aristocratic family, for example, a woman citizen lived more comfortably, materially, than her counterpart who sold wares at the market. Country folk in Attica-(One of the territory of Ancient Greece where a type of Ionic dialect is spoken)dreaded leaving their peaceful farms during the Peloponnesian-This is the place where the Athens and their Allies where defeated by Peloponnesian League led by a Group called Sparta-You can also see this link to know more about Peloponnesian War)and those women did not have any other profession after fleeing that place during that war were literally starving for food-As far as I am concerned I think there is no difference in the way people lived in the different countries during this era-Everything were based on your Economic Status


Hey coming to the life at Athens–It was said that Athens was a heavily Crowded place during the early 4th and 5th Century.It was the same situation which is now all over the World there was no safety for people after it becomes dark and poor people didn’t have any shelter and they did what they can do-By building houses with Mud Bricks or loosely bonded stones and even Some of the poorest homes were put up against the side of a rock or in small cave-like openings of a rock wall.And there were Huge castles/fortress called Citadel streets where the People of higher social and economic status lived.

How did the Buying and selling Happen

This is how Agora looks like today-This was the place where the Ancient Greeks had their Market

This is how Agora looks like today-This was the place where the Ancient Greeks had their Market

The buying and selling of Goods Happened in a similar fashion how it is happening now there used to be a Place called Agora-(Oh this term is pretty tough to remember so I wrote it in a Book :))This Not only was a place for different Money Transactions and exchange of goods etc., but it was also the Place where mature men met to discuss politics and culture.And it is very hard to find Women over there shopping–but you can find House Slaves and Married men coming to buy things like day to day needs and food stuffs to be cooked.

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