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Why do we have Customer Care!!!The Whole Concept is to make you a fool

Posted by seshdotcom on July 18, 2008

The whole Concept of cutomer care

The whole Concept of customer care

I think the whole concept of having a Customer care by some Famous Companies and even by some Giants is apparently a thing to four flush the Customers and the Public..

The Chamaeleon Behaviour of the Companies:

When you are about buy their Product you are calling the customer care: Ringing tone->DRING DRING DRING DRING->Hello Sir Good morning/evening My name is Mr.X how may i assist you and you will ask your query about some Z Product and some bla bla description from the other side about their Product and they will say we are giving this for Best Price sir etc etc.,and then their magnetic Promotional offers-> if you buy this you will get a Gold coin etc etc.,

When you’re calling to lodge a complaint:

This can be Broadly divided into two

  • Lame reasons
  • No response

Hi this Mr.X from Y company how may i help will say your Problem and the answer Could be “Lame Reasons:Currently i think the Technical person is not available so i will get back to you as soon as possible->as soon as possible can be any number of days—when ASAP is one day for me it would be 6 days for him to respond to your Query so you have to crush your teeths and have to wait for them..No response:Or it will happen the other way the call you make will not go to a Customer care Executive itself ha ha what can you do if this happens you can do nothing other than go on trying the number and your Cell Phone Balance will get Boozed Off what they will do is they will switch on a Good for nothing Music which will irritate you rather than keeping you Occupied you will feel the dead air in Seconds–I have experienced with respect to this Problem some 1 week back with a Famous Digital Television channel Service Provider I had this:In that if you want to add any channel package or remove any package you have call the Customer care who will attend the calls occasionally.Really i was very much annoyed about this so i shouted by writing in their Online Query System..And people this is the real status of all the company’s customer care service and finally I had a verbal armed Week with this guy and somehow the issue got resolved which finally Screwed my Cell Phone Balance

Some of the companies have Toll free Number but they will not give that number to post your Queries because they have to pay(This happened to one of my close friend he is having a Broadband Connection->The irony is he came to know about this from one of the Serviceman who came to his house for a repair work)

So this is already a Known Fact everyone knows what these people are doing but I have made this into my stash because I want to make the people who are unaware of these kind of Foul play played by the Customer care call centers they are Bilk’ers’ i will kick them if i get a chance

And i had a Very good Experience in one way and a very Bad Experience the other way so i thought of sharing with you

Please tell what you really feel about the customer care!!!!Is that useful anyways???

Though there are some very Good Customer cares because of the Weeds like these defines the concept of customer care as a total Crap

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