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Varma Kalai–Is this a Branch of Martial arts

Posted by seshdotcom on February 22, 2009


                             Varma Kalai(வர்மக்கலை)in Tamil—>means hitting in Vital Spots  so as to make you inactive(motionless) for some days or even  for years together with just heart beat alone.Mainly this Martial arts system is Practiced by a Group called Sambavars during the early days when it came to existence and even by a sect called Nadars who had a reputation of being Great Warriors ine arly days.This Branch of stunt came into the world by the sage Agasthya according to Old Myths and Stories.The Master who teaches this Varma Kalai is called Asans..The first lesson will be how to defend yourself from a Vicious strike from the other person who does Varma Kalai well(Varnam in Tamil means Vital Spots in your body),and as the days pass there will be Practice made with practitioners  fighting with sticks, especially long-staff.The practice of varma Kalai involves no preliminary physical training, as does kalarippayattu. Rather, students are immediately initiated into vigorous sets of methods of attack and defense, which can be used directly for self-defense or with a variety of weapons. The basic steps and body movements learned for self-defense are the basis for manipulation of all weapons

Varma Kalai

Varma Kalai Techniques:

                            VARMA KALAI techniques include a variety of methods of attacking the vital spots with the hands, fingers, elbows, and similar natural weapons.Some masters even provide some  esoteric(Understandable only to an specific Group) explanations of the potentially deadly significance of each part of the hand

How they Describe the fingers:

            “The thumb is the mother finger of the hand. The right index finger is the guru. The second [middle] finger is Saturn, god of death. The third finger is directly connected to the heart, and the fourth is for tantric practice. . . . When you want to kill an opponent use the second finger of death. If you only want to incapacitate or  Handicap your opponent use Saturn supported by the guru finger so that you only penetrate halfway” 


Use of Varma Kalai in films:

                                     There is  film in Tamil starring Kamal Hassan(Film Name:INDIAN)where he used Varma Kalai to dienable the opponents

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