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More on Varma kalai–>How many vital spots are there??

Posted by seshdotcom on March 21, 2009

                   Varma ati(Varma Kalai)practitioners usually agree that 108 is the actual number ofvital spots first identified by the sage Agasthya. Unlike the 107 vital spots identified in Susruta’s medical treatise as the total number of spots identified by forty-three names, 108 is actually the number of names of the vitalspots in this tradition. Since some names identify single spots, and othersare double, the number of vital spots may total more than 200.

                 In the varma Kalai tradition, of the 108 spots, 96 are classified as minor spots (thodu varmam) and 12 as the major deadly vital spots (padu varmam).These most deadly spots are those that, when penetrated enough, cause instant death. The more numerous minor spots are not as dangerous when penetrated, but penetration does cause pain and incapacitation

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