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Dubai World buys Gazeley- A Wal-Mart Property

Posted by seshdotcom on June 13, 2008

Dubai World acquired a Wal-Mart owned Property Developer Gazeley for 400 Million Pounds..Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem->The Chairman of the Dubai World said that the Aquistion was a Milestone in the Global Expansion in its Economic Zones World(EZW)..What is notable among this Aquisition is the Dubai World investment company has already made an Extensive Investment in Many of the real estates in UK,US and the Africa together with this Gazeley(Gazeley has many Warehouses setup at the U.K,U.S etc so everything will become a Property of Dubai World now)..Now the Biggest challenge for Sultan is how to make the Industry as one of the Super Majors in the Property Developer..So thus this Aquistion has become the Biggest Aquisition ever Made in this Industry and the Historians and the Industry Developers Hope that there will not be this Kind of a Aquisition in future also..

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Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

TESCO COMES TO PRODUCTIVE INDIA TESCO(Public limited company) is a British based Public store and it mainly concentrated on selling of food products but later it Branched out into areas like clothing,electronics etc.,Now the Important thing is TESCO is going to come to India

TESCO tattles with the Wadias:

TESCO is in Talks with prospective Indian partners for a Joint Venture to roll out its cash and carry outlets and facilities..TESCO has approached the WADIAS and PARSVNATH Developers to start out a the TESCO outlets in various parts in India.The main slogan of TESCO has been Every little helps so hopefully if this deal clicks then it would make a Huge Impact in the TESCO Shares in the International Market.When asked about this to PARSVNATH Developers Chairman he said:We are in talks with global retailers and we hope to finalise our deal in next 2-4 weeks..

Notable among this deal is TESCO is having a Prolific Growth in this sector next to Wal-Mart.The evidence was Acquisition of Metro AG a German Retail chain and now a figment to come to India->

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