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The Phrase that you are scared to Hear

Posted by seshdotcom on July 3, 2008

Hello Guys(who give voice to my Blog)i would like to tell you Something of what i read in a Book..Now your attention please no beating around the Bush directly into Subject now we all Know what’s the most dreaded four letter word :)….But we will come a Dreaded four word Locution(A Phrase used to convey particular meaning)..We will see Country to Country how four letter Phrase has made a Huge Impact.In United Kingdom the most dreaded four letter Phrase is “We Need to Talk” and this was inferred by a report submitted by a Surveys last year,The Right Guard Poll about the Phrases makes everyone think of thier future->It is “THE BOSS WANTS TO SEE YOU”….And for a B.E Student the most dreaded four letter Phrase will be any Guesses———————- “Machan result vandhuruchuda”-Ha Ha Ha

If you are Interested please feel free to share with me….:) What do you think as your Most Dreaded four word Phrase ?????

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