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The Hotshots to fight against Tobbaco

Posted by seshdotcom on July 27, 2008


We all know about Bill Gates what kind of a Man he is in “The World of Computers” but guys are you looking out something more of him here it is “The Computer conjurer has committed a deal with a Person to fight against tobacco”–>The person is none other than the Newyork Lynchpin Michael Bloomberg(who is the Mayor of the New York city).This rally sort of thing is Organized to mainly focus on Youths who are being Pulled into this Lure stone called->(The Tobacco) and this will include Bill/Bloom duo to perform anti-smoking rallies or say a Campaign mainly in countries like INDIA,CHINA,and other Asian Countries.Actually how Bill Gates got Involved in this is through Global Health Program organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he actively participated in the Campaigns and put forth some important points to make the Future Pillars of the World(CHILDREN’S) aware of the TOBACCO and its Effects.

As far as the news world is concerned it is told that Bill Gates will actively do his campaign in INDIA where the death caused due to tobacco is increasing 19% every Year and the advent of Beedi has made things worser and as we know People who can’t afford to buy Cigarette are going for a Low cost Beedi which is a easy way to give Lung Cancer.So Indians I think are not taking any control Measures A Person from thousands and thousands of Miles is going to come and do this repair work.I really appreciate Bill and Bloom for their efforts May this duo save the YOUTH My Hearty Wishes to them

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My God!!Father of Crypt Bletchley sans Maintenance

Posted by seshdotcom on July 24, 2008

The Father of Modern Computer and Security Systems

The Birth of Colossus->Father of Modern Computer and Security Systems

The Code Breaking and Hacking is not a Newfangled thing it has been there for decades even during World War II where the Intrusion and Usurpation of the Messages sent by the Enemies have been taking place and Bletchley is considered to be the Place where the codebreaking takes Place in a full-fledged manner(during the war times) but now the Pitiable state of the Bletchley is when a Person comes and looks at this place he may run away getting scared because this famous historical place now looks Haunted Street and Buildings with none other than Spiders Nest and some times it also serves as a shelter for animals.I also read one other stuff:To convert a Small word into Hashes a room full of computers and Digital systems with Wires are Used(See guys no Decryption Algorithm Software or any Simulators) during the early stage of development people used to work day and Night and do the encryption of the messages they have to send to their Army way back at home or in Warfare->And this stuff about Bletchley was published in the BBC TECHIE Journal and all these things came to limelight only when Dr Sue Black, head of the computer science department at the University of Westminster visited Bletchley Park “I went up there and felt quite upset by what I saw,” she said.So what I will do if I am a President of UK:I will do a revamp work on the place and the Buildings in it and then I will call the UNO to make it a Historical Place->may be a World Heritage Site->Why not man????(where great people like Alan Turing,Tommy Flowers worked as Code Breakers and System Designers).

People Working at Bletchely Code Breaking Center

People Working at Bletchely Code Breaking Center

There are also some other important things for which Bletchley is famous->It is the Birth Place of the Colossus computer the first PDC(Programmable Digital Computer) which was Used for Codebreaking which used only Vacuum Tubes(Nothing but a Valve shaped device to generate Electrical Signals) it has to perform hash Calculations and Assigning of Codes.Really people of U.K should take care and somehow approach people to take a initiative and make Bletchley a sort of Museum which will make the next Generation People Know what has happened in this world a century Back and what were people doing during that No E-Mail Nothing how did they Exhcnage Information->these sort of questions will arise in their Mind and they will try to find answers for this at that time you will realize the value of a Bletchley

Oh God!!Save Bletchley from destruction only way to do this is to get some funds from the U.K Government explaining  Bletchley’s state and what needs to be done Come On England’ers’ you should only do this

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The “thomlee” Pair the most destructive duo-)has left many of the GR8’s in Lurch

Posted by seshdotcom on July 20, 2008

Lillee Firing a Tracer Bullet

Lillee Firing a Tracer Bullet

I was not born when “The Lilee and Thomson Pair” were wrecking and demolishing the Opposition during the late 70’s and early 80’s.But I have seen many commentators/cricket historians Emphasizing these two peoples name whenever fast Bowling comes into discussion.Dennis Keith Lillee was one of the most Unpredictable bowler during that time in the Australian Armory.When he started his career he had many complications with his Back and Shoulder many of them thought that his name will never go into the History Books but that did not happen Luckily for Dennis he came with a Bang in the World Series Cricket matches where he started to sail with a Small Log “in the Ocean called Cricket” and he was the first man to bring that nine slips to place and cramping the Batsman by Bowling close to the Body and making him to somehow make a fine edge and sending him to the Pavilion.And when he retired he retired as a man who was most remarkable Sportsman of Australia and with a record of more number wickets in Test Cricket.Even though I don’t like Lillee for his On-field Behaviors and his Unethical Aluminium bat Incident I like his Bowling and his Unstrained Action and his High Arm Release

Coming to the Other Sizzling customer:

Jeff Thomson was certainly another great Bowler affectionately called “Thommo” he was one of the Fastest Bowler to Play the Test Cricket and one of the most promising competitor in the World Fast Bowling Competition held during year 1978.He Proved by Bending his Back very very Hard and his delivery clocked 147.9 Km/h which was Unplayable during that time would you Believe it his delivery clocked more than that of the Surmount of Fast Bowling->Michael Holding.Thomson’s invisibility cloak was removed when he came like a Bullet Jet and rocked the English at the 1974-1975 Ashes series with 33 wickets which made many Batsmen have sleepless nights about THOMSON the Nightmare he is Weapon with sheer Pace who can make the Timber cartwheel even Out of the Ground 🙂 and he had a very short but a Crispy Cricket career where he played almost equal number of Tests and ODI’s(50/50) and he took 200 wickets in his Tests and 180 odd wickets in Tests which made him a Player who cannot be effaced from the Minds of Cricket Fans

So Undoubtedly these two were the most lethal pair to share the New Ball.I think the next Place can be given to the Sultans of Swing(The Two W’s)Waqar and Wasim who has broken many Stumps and toes of many Batsman.

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Why do we have Customer Care!!!The Whole Concept is to make you a fool

Posted by seshdotcom on July 18, 2008

The whole Concept of cutomer care

The whole Concept of customer care

I think the whole concept of having a Customer care by some Famous Companies and even by some Giants is apparently a thing to four flush the Customers and the Public..

The Chamaeleon Behaviour of the Companies:

When you are about buy their Product you are calling the customer care: Ringing tone->DRING DRING DRING DRING->Hello Sir Good morning/evening My name is Mr.X how may i assist you and you will ask your query about some Z Product and some bla bla description from the other side about their Product and they will say we are giving this for Best Price sir etc etc.,and then their magnetic Promotional offers-> if you buy this you will get a Gold coin etc etc.,

When you’re calling to lodge a complaint:

This can be Broadly divided into two

  • Lame reasons
  • No response

Hi this Mr.X from Y company how may i help will say your Problem and the answer Could be “Lame Reasons:Currently i think the Technical person is not available so i will get back to you as soon as possible->as soon as possible can be any number of days—when ASAP is one day for me it would be 6 days for him to respond to your Query so you have to crush your teeths and have to wait for them..No response:Or it will happen the other way the call you make will not go to a Customer care Executive itself ha ha what can you do if this happens you can do nothing other than go on trying the number and your Cell Phone Balance will get Boozed Off what they will do is they will switch on a Good for nothing Music which will irritate you rather than keeping you Occupied you will feel the dead air in Seconds–I have experienced with respect to this Problem some 1 week back with a Famous Digital Television channel Service Provider I had this:In that if you want to add any channel package or remove any package you have call the Customer care who will attend the calls occasionally.Really i was very much annoyed about this so i shouted by writing in their Online Query System..And people this is the real status of all the company’s customer care service and finally I had a verbal armed Week with this guy and somehow the issue got resolved which finally Screwed my Cell Phone Balance

Some of the companies have Toll free Number but they will not give that number to post your Queries because they have to pay(This happened to one of my close friend he is having a Broadband Connection->The irony is he came to know about this from one of the Serviceman who came to his house for a repair work)

So this is already a Known Fact everyone knows what these people are doing but I have made this into my stash because I want to make the people who are unaware of these kind of Foul play played by the Customer care call centers they are Bilk’ers’ i will kick them if i get a chance

And i had a Very good Experience in one way and a very Bad Experience the other way so i thought of sharing with you

Please tell what you really feel about the customer care!!!!Is that useful anyways???

Though there are some very Good Customer cares because of the Weeds like these defines the concept of customer care as a total Crap

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People cut eating out and Online Pizza Bookings

Posted by seshdotcom on July 14, 2008

The Haunted Restaurants

The Haunted Restaurants

Reports say that the people in the Metros(Chennai,Delhi,Kolkatta,Mumbai) have restricted themselves from eating outside because of the Inflation->See how a silly nine letter word has become a nemesis for the People all round the world.The Dining and Hotels section is not a Exception to this Inflation which has a Played a Huge role in the Past 6-8 Months wherever you go there is Hike in Price of the Goods and the Most affected are the Staples where the demand is constant but high cost has made people step Backward because of Affordability.And the survey and the results done by a Private firm has revealed that over 70% of the consumers across Mumbai,Delhi and other Major cities say they have cut down having their food outside and Home deliveries of the Rich foods like Pizza.The city Bangalore where many Youths and Professional stay and work are one of the Worst Affected with all of the consumers in this city has cut down eating outside and Ahas Avoided Home deliveries..And if this is going to continue for next 6-8 months or so on then i am sure that All the Pizza Huts will be having TOLET Boards and Restaurants will become Tea Shops..This Inflation has not only taken a Brobdingnagian Growth in India it has also made its mark in U.S.A,U.K->where one Kilogram of rice has increased by 100%..

So I think this has exceeded the limits and Bringing down is not Possible and will not be a challenge now but keeping it at the same state will certainly be a Challenging Task to the Govt.

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My Tardy Wishes to The God of Offside

Posted by seshdotcom on July 10, 2008

There are many players in the International Cricket who can time the ball,Hit through the line,Come down the Track,Play elegantly.But when it comes to Off-side there is no one to Superimpose Saurav Ganguly->The Prince of Calcutta(Boycott style).The Prince of Calcutta made his Test Debut against England at “The Grandiloquent LORD’S” the English Batsman batted first and Scored a Mammoth 344 and in that innings it all Happened that Nasser Hussain became Ganguly’s first Test Victim and then Jack Russel(The wicketkeeper during that time) of England Played a Brilliant and superlative Knock to make England reach that Score of 344..Then Came the Men in Blue in White Uniforms->It was a early setback for the Indians when Rathour went cheaply of Cork’s Bowling and this Brought the Legend to the Crease remember this was his Debut and he was Confident and Strong at the Crease like a Sergeant in the Beat House and he was Comfortable with Mullaly and Cork ->The Wicket Machines Of England during that era..And He Drove the Ball with ease through the Off-Side and Timed the Ball well Straight down the Ground and was never looking tensile ..And then one of the Closest Friend and his Team mate Rahul Dravid Joined him and they Both had an 100 Partnership in which Ganguly’s heroics were exposed and after some years Rahul Dravid told in one of the Interviews “On the off-side, first there is God, then there is Ganguly“..Who can forget his Timely Knock at the Dhaka in the Finals against Pakistan (The Hrishikesh Kanitkar’s Last Ball Boundary) and his Innings Against Sri Lanka at Taunton which made him the First Indian to cross 180+ Score in World Cup Matches/International ODI..And his captaincy though has got some Issues/Controversies like Suspension for 4-5 Matches his field setting->TO Trap the Gr8s of the Game during the India vs Australia Test Series and the Rotation of Bowlers certainly reflected the Period of Indian Cricket Team’s Golden Era where India managed to Draw a Test Series Against Australia in those Mighty Peoples Den(Australia)..And winning a Test Series against Australia in 2001-2002(The Turbanator demolition)..And there are also many Notable achievements in his Captaincy and he is one of the few who can be described to be “More than a Good Batsman”..Affectionately called the DADA-The man of rampage…And due to some of the factors like his fielding etc.,he was dropped from the Indian Side but now you can very well see  what is the Indian teams condition and  the fact how the Men in Blue looks wispy without DADA in Blue.


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The Grand turk of Multan!!!Inzy

Posted by seshdotcom on July 7, 2008

I watch a lot of cricket but i would like to mention a person who is a correct blend of Unpredictable batting style and POWER-> it is none other than Inzamam Ul Haq->He is Kinda player who has swung the game in Pakistan’s Zephyr by some of his astonishing innings which has won the Hearts of many cricket lovers..Inzamam burst into International Cricket by making his debut against the Mighty West Indies in 1991 and scored 80 odd runs in two matches and the real break in Inzy’s career came when he clobbered the Lankans all over the Park in front of his Home Crowd he scored 101 and two days later he again added insult to Injury by striking another unassailable Knock which fetched him 117 by this particular Performance Imran Khan the Pakistan Captain during the 1990’s decided to expose the Legend to the Toughest Cricket Circuit THE 1992 World CUP->And one must say that because of his services only Pakistan won the World cup(THE BENSON AND HEDGES WORLD CUP in AUSTRALIA and NEw Zealand).Of course he is also associated with some unforgettable Incidents like the Jonty Rhodes Run out,Panesar Hit wicket,Obstructing the Field (Has been dismissed twice in that Fashion).He is Short tempered and he is also connected with some Violent Incidents like the Assault in Toronto where a member in the Crowd made him lose his Patience and temper by delineating him as Potato in a Megaphone..He is a chameleon type of batsman who can adjust to any situations like he can play a Swashbuckling Knock or he can Play a Anchor role when required.For his commitment and Hard work he was rewarded with the Captaincy of the Pakistan Team and he captained side for what is called the “THE GOLDEN EPOCH OF THE PAKISTAN CRICKET“.He is also a very good slip fielder and a Very good thrower of Ball in both his right and left hand..On the Whole you cannot see Pakistan Cricket without Inzamam->He is the person who defined what is what for the Players who started their career after him..

Miserable end:It wasn’t a great end to his lustrous career it was mixed with Mourning the death of their Coach Bob Woolmer and an Abject Loss to Ireland which made Pakistan walk out of West Indies too early.But this great man deserve a Better Farewell than this!!!!Isn’t it Guys

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Stradivariu’S’ecrets->How does it strike that Heavenly Sound man!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on July 5, 2008

In general Stradivarius violins-A stringed instrument have a reputation of producing a heavenly sound when the string is played(This particular Instrument was designed and built by Antonio Stradivari).For Ages,connoisseurs have been having a discussion on the secret of Stradivarius violin’s heavenly sound.Now,a new exploration claims to have solved the Mystery and has found out the answer->The answer was very surprising to me when i heard why the Stradivarius sounds good!!! It was revealed that the Superior and heavenly sound the Stradivarius Violin’s attains is because of the density of the two wooden panels used to make its body->See how a perfect design using a Perfect log  can totally change the complexion of music..The Musical Instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries has a consistent density throughout the violin,allowing them to produce notes of Distinctive Richness and Power..But when you compare today’s Modern violin you can see that the density vacillates and it is not Constant..Because of this only The Stradivarius Attains that Pleasing sound—It was going well (this particular violin Stuff)when i scouted through The daily..Hope you will also find it Interesting…

chaffers Please—-



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Posted by seshdotcom on July 5, 2008

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The Phrase that you are scared to Hear

Posted by seshdotcom on July 3, 2008

Hello Guys(who give voice to my Blog)i would like to tell you Something of what i read in a Book..Now your attention please no beating around the Bush directly into Subject now we all Know what’s the most dreaded four letter word :)….But we will come a Dreaded four word Locution(A Phrase used to convey particular meaning)..We will see Country to Country how four letter Phrase has made a Huge Impact.In United Kingdom the most dreaded four letter Phrase is “We Need to Talk” and this was inferred by a report submitted by a Surveys last year,The Right Guard Poll about the Phrases makes everyone think of thier future->It is “THE BOSS WANTS TO SEE YOU”….And for a B.E Student the most dreaded four letter Phrase will be any Guesses———————- “Machan result vandhuruchuda”-Ha Ha Ha

If you are Interested please feel free to share with me….:) What do you think as your Most Dreaded four word Phrase ?????

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